Bioenergetic Gardening with Robert Wiener
Tamera Healing Biotope, Reliquias, Portugal

Tamera, Peace Research Center – Portugal

We believe in a future without war, in love without fear, and work to build Terra Nova by creating Healing Biotopes as centers to research and model a new planetary culture, with strong ethical foundations. Started in 1978 with a small group, we’re currently a community of around 200, working towards autonomous decentralized models for a post-capitalist world, with those who share the vision of Terra Nova. Tamera is on the Water Retention Landscape as a far-reaching approach to healing the land.

Holzer Permaculture-Holzer Permaculture zoom

Holzer Permaculture

Holzer Permaculture – Austria
Sepp Holzer, “Agrarian Rebel” and ecological visionary from the Austrian Alps, learned from nature as a child. Kremenhof at the age of 19, he turned the barren mountain farm into a fertile natural paradise with diverse wilderness cultures.
HerBioS-HerBioS zoom


HerBioS – vertical gardens made in Austria
Do you like to eat healthy and fresh?
Do you prefer organic, regional and seasonal?
So you want to grow a lot on a small square?
You love beautiful, individual and practical design?
So you want a garden in the city?



Michaelihof, Franz Prenner, Pinggau – Austria
The aim of our activities is to create social autonomous spaces in which our self-determination is guaranteed and strengthened so that people and animals can cooperate at eye level.

Casa Santa Isabel-Casa Santa Isabel

Casa Santa Isabel

Casa Santa Isabel – Portugal
is a Private Institution of Social Solidarity (IPSS), a Therapeutic Community for Adolescents and Adults with Special Needs, where we work with each other′s fulfillment of their human potential.

Meadow Creature-Meadow Creature zoom

Meadow Creature

Meadow Creature′s Broadforks – US
Meadow Creature′s indestructible broadforks are made of high-strength alloy steel welded into an unbreakable unit.

Nursery Leisenhof-Nursery Leisenhof zoom

Nursery Leisenhof

Nursery Leisenhof – Austria
The Association for Promoting Local Nutrition exists since 2016. Its members are committed to the further development and preservation of this (learning) place. Cities are considered as living spaces of the future. Already, more than 50% of humanity lives in cities. The topic of nutrition for many people in a small space presents New challenges for us as a society in the future.

Monte Mimo-Monte Mimo zoom

Monte Mimo

Monte Mimo, Ecological model of family farm – Portugal
Since 2009, this Monte Mimo is a family that has 3 generations. Our vision is to create the conditions for family sustainability and to contribute to the sustainability of all beings (thinking locally we act)!

Hendlberghof-Hendlberghof zoom


Hendlberghof by Volkmar and Nicole – Austria
The Hendlberghof of Volkmar and Nicole, a lush permaculture farm at 750m above sea level in the middle of the Vienna Woods, near Klammhoehe! Incidentally, you will find the MOST BEAUTIFUL compost toilet in Lower Austria! Have a look – it′s worth it!

Sensenverein-Sensenverein zoom


Sensenverein, the renaissance of the scythe – Austria
HEALTHY: Proper mowing moves the whole body – studies can prove that.
ECOLOGICAL: Gentle use and care of the landscape. CO2 saving.
SILENT: No engine noise! Only the cutting sound of the swinging scythe.
EFFECTIVE: From the smallest garden to 2.5 meters of mowing width.
LIGHT: Mowing with the right technology is fun. Experienced scythe teachers teach step by step the right technique when mowing.

Garden Polylog-Garden Polylog zoom

Garden Polylog

Garden polylog community gardens – Austria
The idea of ​​community gardens goes back to the so-called ′community gardens′, which have been created since the 1970s, especially in New York. At that time, the first community-supported projects in the district, which not only created new green open spaces in the middle of developed and urban surroundings, but also led to a revitalization and activation of the district, were founded on fallow land.

ECO123-ECO123 zoom


ECO123 magazine – Portugal (trilingual)
Which fuel drives us?
Most of us are learning that less can be more: working less is having more time; for themselves, for the loved one and for the people around us. Accumulating less ownership means less responsibility and less resource plundering or waste. Living in a greater harmony with our earth is becoming more and more of an issue.