Bioenergetic Gardening with Robert Wiener
Tamera Healing Biotope, Reliquias, Portugal

Terrace cultivation Tamera

Around the “Lake 1” and the Valley-Garden-Lake in Tamera, aised beds and terraces meander around the shore, natural mixed cultures grow diverse vegetables, fruit trees and cereals.
We manage our 1000 square meters of growing area with a modern crop rotation system for vegetables, cereals and green manure for mulch production. Mulch and worm compost are used to fertilize the soil.
  • Morning dew
  • Morning dew
  • Break
  • Beds overlooking the lake
  • Follow my abundance!
  • Following the curves of the landscape
  • Wild plants next to cultivated plants
  • Corn among fruit trees
  • Gardens surround the lake
  • Trees and permaculture beds co-exist
  • Diverse plants and crops
  • Basil growing
  • drop-watering system
  • Mixing plants that like to live together
  • Tomatoes and peppers around the water spaces


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