Bioenergetic Gardening with Robert Wiener
Tamera Healing Biotope, Reliquias, Portugal



Workshops in Alentejo

This is a call to all gardeners and earth-healers!
Learn to train your body, working with the broadfork and other tools


Many techniques exist how to raise a permaculture bed, how to produce compost, etc… but very little actually exist about the tools we all use to achieve this great work. So much trouble is created in our bodies and mind up to the point that we accepted that body pain is part of the work!!
After this condensed workshop, you will be able to improve your existing tools and use them in a way that your body will thank you at the end of the day!

The workshop will be unfolded with theoretical and practical teachings with the modules:
-Introduction to the improved tools
-Embodiment of the use of the tools
-Review of all steps to create an efficient garden bed
-Physical training with yoga techniques
-Integration of the learnings in your own realities
-Conversation about gardening in community

  • 2-day workshop in Monte Mimo, Alvalade do Sado: seminar fee: 60€ (incl. meals & lodging).

Please contact us to know more about the workshops and register!